Compare Binfer With Other File Sharing Services

There are so many file sharing services. What makes Binfer different? Some key things:

Binfer Others (Yousendit, Dropbox, etc)
Files are not uploaded anywhere. They transfer directly from the sender to the recipient. Secure. Files are uploaded to unknown servers and recipients get a link to get files from there. Insecure.
Able to send files of ANY size and quantity. 1 Kilobyte or 1 Terabyte, just drag & drop. No zipping or splitting. Easy. Upload one file at a time. Must zip if sending more than one file. 2GB limit on file size. Cumbersome.
Superfast transfers as your bandwidth is not shared. Time Saver. Extremely slow transfers as their cloud server splits the bandwidth with everyone uploading/downloading files. Huge Time Waster.
Advanced Web Apps that allow recipients to not only receive files from you but also send them back, directly to your computer, without having to install anything or create an account. Awesome. No such capability. Lame.

Feature by feature comparision

Feature Binfer TransferBigFiles ShareFile WeTransfer SendThisFile Dropbox

- Cost effective
- Most features
- Best bang for the buck
- Cost effective
- Limited
- Cumbersome
- Super expensive
- Difficult user interface
- Expensive
- Limited
- Constant interruptions
- Expensive
- Limited
- Extremely slow
- Cost effective
- Primary function is file sync and not file sharing
Maximum Upload File Size No Limit 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB No Limit
Transfer Speed ISP max(Fast) Shared(slow) Shared(slow) Shared(slow) Shared(slow) Shared(slow)
Encryption End to end Browser SSL. Storage unknown. Storage Unknown. Browser SSL. Storage unknown. Storage unknown. Storage Unknown.
Method Of Sharing Direct. Drag & drop entire folders Vendor server. Manual upload one file at a time Vendor server. Manual upload one file at a time Vendor server. Manual upload one file at a time Vendor server. Manual upload one file at a time Vendor server. Auto upload entire folders
Auto Resume Interrupted Transfers Yes No No No No Yes
Auto File Downloader Yes No No No No Yes
Custom Dropbox Yes Yes No No Yes No
Secure Email Communication Yes No No No No No
Secure Chat Yes No No No No No
Limit on # Of Users No Yes Yes Yes No No
Minimum Priced Plan $2.99 pay as you go for 10GB $5 per month for 100GB $29.99 per month for 5GB $120 per year for 50GB $4.95 per month for 25GB $9.99 per month for 100GB
Maximum Priced Plan $19.99 per month for 250GB = 8 cents per GB $50 per month for 1024GB= 5 cents per GB $99.99 per month for 20GB= $5 per GB! $120 per year for 50GB = 20 cents per GB $99.99 per month for 500GB = 20 cents per GB $49.99 per month for 500GB = 10 cents per GB

Data as of January 13th 2014

Is Binfer a good deal?

Still think Binfer is not a good deal and there might be something better and free out there? Is free software really free? You are paying for it in some way or another.
  1. You are paying with your valuable time. By either watching unwanted ads or spending time trying to figure out how it all works or getting throttled/inferior service.
  2. You are paying with your privacy. Free services usually collect your information, peek into your data and sell it to advertising/data mining companies. You get to watch even more ads "customized" to you.
  3. You are paying with your resources. Free software will usually install spyware such as toolbars or hidden apps that will use your computers resources.
Do you still plan to continue searching for free way to send files? How much do you value your time?
If you keep looking for a free/alternative option for another minutes and value your time at $ per hour then you will end up wasting $ . Oh! and you are not going to get back those minutes of your life. Binfer is a much better alternative to uploads, FTP or email attachments. Purchase a Plan today and start saving time and money
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