Update: Binfer version 2.5 released

Binfer 2.5 has been released with several improvements and enhancements.

04 October 2011, Des Plaines, USA

  • Improved file transfer algorithms that have increased transfer speed by approximately 110%(twice as fast) over the LAN and 60% over the Internet. You will definitely see much faster transfers. 
  • Duplicate file transfer is now detected when a file is already in a message in the OUT Bin. This will prevent accidental sending of the same file multiple times. 
  • Received files no longer have the unique identifier attached to their name. Original file names are kept. The side effect with this change is that when one is dragging and dropping folders from multiple locations and if there are files with exactly the same name them only one file will be sent in the message. The other file with the same name has to be sent in another message.
  • Interrupted transfers resume quicker than before. 
  • Licenses can be purchased on behalf of another account and Binfer account email no longer has to be the same as the PayPal email. 
  • Web Drop widget can be styled more freely. 
  • Detection and notification when Binfer is running in multiple places with the same user id (in case you did not know this, Binfer does not work when using the same user id to login from multiple machines at the same time). 
  • Web Pickup has been limited to 20 files