PRESS RELEASE: Binfer version 2.0. Prepare to be amazed!

Binfer 2.0 has been released with amazing new features. Full web integration with the Desktop Application makes sending and receiving large files even more easier.

03 August 2011, Des Plaines, USA

We are proud to announce the release of Binfer version 2.0.

Binfer is a one of its kind Desktop Application that allows users to send and receive large files of ANY size and ANY quantity directly from their computers, without uploading them on any hosting server. 

Senders create an email like message, specify recipients, add the files and send an email notification. The files never leave the sender's computer and are only transferred, on demand, when the recipient is ready to get them. Since the files are shared from the sender's computer, Binfer does not have the 2GB size limit like the other online file transfer services. Also, senders can share 100's of files with a simple drag and drop, instead of uploading one file at a time. Finally, with 128bit AES encryption, auto resumes and web integration, we have pioneered a new way to transfer large files securely and easily.

Version 2.0 brings several improvements and new features, many of which are of its only kind in the world.

  • The user interface has been redesigned with "Transfer"  and "Online Contacts" panel on the Home tab and few other improvements
  • Download size of Binfer Desktop Application has been drastically reduced to less than  4 MB from 15+ MB. Installation will be much faster now
  • Reports feature has been added to provide details on files sent and received. This meets with auditing requirements of many firms who like to keep track of exactly who viewed what and from where
  • Web Pickup feature has been added to make it easy for recipients to receive files. Recipients no longer have to create an account or download Binfer to receive files. They can download files using a web browser from any modern web enabled device, such as iPhone, Android phone, iPad, desktop, laptop etc. Read more about it here: Transfer files directly from your computer to any web browser
  • Web Drop feature has been added to make it extremely simple to receive files from users/clients who do not have the Binfer Desktop application. Web Drop is available from Binfer website and can also be integrated and customized on any website. Read more about it here: Receive large file without a FTP server

We hope that the new features will continue to help improve the productivity and save time for our users in their busy lives. During the release promotion, all plans are 50% off.

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