Join our affiliate program and start earning money and free licenses today!

Spread the word about Binfer and earn in the following ways

  1. 30% commission when a referral makes a purchase.
  2. $0.25(25 cents) when a referral installs Binfer and creates an account.
  3. Both the affiliate and the referral earn 200 MB free license when the referral installs Binfer and creates an account.

How does it work?

Basically, the affiliate spreads word about Binfer, sends visitors to our site and we pay commission based on the actions they take.

For example, the affiliate writes about ways to transfer big files and then adds the referral link in the resources/special offer section of the article or merely make a mention on Facebook/Twitter. Now, if someone clicks on that link, installs Binfer and creates an account, the affiliate gets paid $0.25. And, if they purchases a Binfer license for $10, then the affiliate will get a $3 commission.

The affiliate will continue to get that commission for every purchase made via that link, as long as both the article and the affiliate offers are active.

Tracking is done using cookies. We do not use any third party affiliate system. Our affiliate system is in house. Payments are fast and hassle free. There are no contracts or sign up fees.


  1. Referrals must click on the affiliate referral link.
  2. Referral cannot have same IP address(internal or external) or machine address as the affiliate.
  3. The affiliate will get paid via PayPal, once a month, after balance reaches $25.
  4. Play fair. Do not try to game the system.


  • Your friend/partner on the same wifi network as you will not be a referral because he/she will have same external IP.
  • Your co-workers cannot be referrals as they all will have the same external IP.
  • You send files to several friends via Binfer and they install Binfer. They will not be referral because they did not click on your referral link.
  • You post the referral link on Facebook or a blog. Several friends click on it and create account from different places. They will be your referrals.

How much can I earn?

How many people can you sign up each month? Here's an example of earnings that can be made.

From installation & accounts

# of referral accounts X $0.25 = $ per month or $ per year earning

From Monthly Subscription License purchase

# of referral purchases X % commission X monthly plan = $ per month or $ per year earning

From Pay As You Go License purchase

# of referral purchases X % commission X = $ per month or $ per year earning

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! There are no fees to join our affiliate programs.

How do I get started?

  • Install Binfer, create your account and get the referral links from Settings > Referral Commission section. You can also get the links from
  • Paste the link on your social networks, blog it, email it, tweet it etc.


Do not hesitate to Contact Us, if you have any questions, need clarifications or more information.

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