Share Large Files And Communicate Securely Like Never Before


Most secure way to communicate & share big files
  • 256 bit encryption
  • Automatic tracking of transfers
  • Your data is never uploaded to cloud servers


Fastest file transfer service you will ever find.
  • Auto compression
  • No bandwidth sharing/throttling
  • Transfer at maximum speed allowed by your ISP


Easiest way to send files of any size & quantity
  • Drag & drop entire folders
  • Freedom from large email attachment problems
  • No cumbersome & time consuming uploads/downloads
compare with cloud services
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File Sharing Solution For Those Who Value Their Time

Send large files without uploading

The shortest path between two points is a straight line. The fastest way to transfer big files is directly from sender to receiver.

Send files of any size & quantity

Need to quickly transfer 20000 files & folders or a 200GB disk image? We guarantee you that nothing can come close to the reliability & resilience of Binfer.

Transfer on LAN at super fast speed

Binfer will create direct connection between devices on the LAN & transfer at max speed allowed. No slow trips around the world to transfer to the next desk.

Share photos, videos or confidential documents

Share high resolution photos, HD videos or private documents without having to compress, split or zip. Email attachment limits are days of past.
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Large File Transfer Solutions For Business

This video showcases just one aspect of Binfer.
  • Receive Files On Your Website Or Blog

    Add Web Drop widget on your website & when people send files they will arrive direct to your computer, instead of getting uploaded somewhere.
  • Deliver Digital Products From Your Website

    Add Web pickup widget on your website & customzie it so that files appear to be delivered from your won website.
  • Serverless Email & Chat

    Install Binfer on your employees computers to get instant messaging & email for your office, without having to deal with complex & expensive infrastructure.
  • Reporting

    Advanced reports allow you to keep track of all file transfer activities.
  • Secure & Encrypted Transfers

    Files are encrypted at source with 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard & dynamic keys that reside on your computer & not ours.

Why Use Binfer?

Are you are still uploading files to unknown places in order to share them? If yes, then you are not only wasting time and money but also putting your privacy and confidentiality at risk.


Binfer is perfect solution for you if

  • You frequently need to send and receive files
  • Your files are too large for email attachments(ie more than 25MB) or/and more than 5
  • You  wish to receive files on your computer and do not have FTP or a hosting server
  • Your want to keep privacy of your files and do not trust upload based service providers
  • You are looking for the fastest way to send large files to someone
  • You are tired of uploading/attaching one file at a time

Who Uses Binfer?

real map of binfer users all over the world
From Canada to Argentina and Russia to New Zealand, Binfer is used by people all over the world.
  • Binfer helps family members & friends share memories privately and easily
  • Binfer is an indispensable tool for Photographers, Video Production Companies, IT Professionals, Lawyers, Architects, Agencies, Small and Large businesses
  • The common reaction after switching to Binfer is "Wow! How did I ever get by without it?"


Binfer 3.3 release brings you a redesigned Web Pickup page, two additional download methods, thumbnail view, website integration and HTML5 media streaming.
The highly demanded and much awaited feature is finally here! Now you can use the same Binfer account across multiple devices. This allows you to share a single license across all your devices
3.1 is a major update to Instant Messaging(live chat) component. Live chat is a lesser known feature of Binfer but packs in quite a punch. Binfer instant messaging is secure, private,
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