File Sharing Solution For Video Production

Video Sharing Solution For Videographers

What if you could cut down the video delivery time in half?

You spend hours uploading and the transfer interrupts. You are forced to compress and reduce quality of your wonderful work in order to comply with the providers storage limitations. Your clients face expired links, slow transfers and unreliable service. Not anymore! We have the perfect solution for you.

Binfer is a better, easier and secure way to send large videos to clients. The big difference between Binfer and other methods is that videos transfer directly from your device to the clients’ without requiring to be uploaded on some central server.

compare with cloud services

2 hours
4 hours total
2 hours
2 hours total

What if you could stream videos directly from your computer?

With Binfer, you can stream HTML5 compatible video (WEBM & MP4) directly from your computer, without uploading them anywhere. This way, your clients can watch videos instantly, provide feedback sooner and you can finish projects faster.
binfer html5 video streaming
If your current workflow isThen with Binfer it changes to
  1. Render video
  2. Upload video – 2 hours
  3. Notify client – 5 min
  4. Client downloads video – 2 hours
  5. Client views video
  6. Client provides feedback
  1. Render video
  2. Send video via Binfer(client automatically notified) – 5 min
  3. Client views video streamed from your computer
  4. Client provides feedback

Binfer is the easiest way to exchange media with clients, broadcasters and partners

From pre-production to post-production, you need to share scripts, story boards, graphics, music, photos and of course the video footage itself. Files need to move between editors and clients routinely. Binfer will help you send large video files in the most easy and secure way.
workflow for video production

Share large videos with clients and partners, over the Internet

Your partners and clients will be very pleased when the delivery time is cut down to half. With Binfer, file delivery is twice as fast since no time is wasted in uploading. Your materials will be securely transferred without requiring to be stored on unknown and insecure cloud servers.

Transfer videos between devices on your network

Digital assets can be quickly transferred between devices and people in your office(LAN) environment. There is no need to upload them outside your network. Also, there is no need to spend money on additional hardware to enable internal sharing.

Upload services are cumbersome. Binfer is easy.

Upload (Wetransfer, Hightail, Dropbox)Binfer
compare with cloud services

You have to upload each file individually. If you wish to send multiple files or folders then you will have to zip them.

To send the same file to another contact, you will have to repeat this all over again.

binfer easy new message

You can drag and drop thousands of files and even folders. No zipping or uploading. Also, you can forward the same message to future recipients.

FTP is complicated. Binfer is simple.

compare with ftp

FTP is complex. The tasks of keeping up with the management of FTP servers, clients, hosting server, managing permissions and applying patches add up hidden costs that you may not even be factoring in the cost of your business. FTP is an outdated and ancient technology and absolutely not suited for sharing videos.

binfer easy new message

Binfer interface is easy. Your file system is never exposed. No user accounts to create or manage.
Binfer will automatically download all files, replicate the folder structure and resume interrupted transfers. And, with advanced encryption, your videos will be as secure as they can be.

Email attachments have limits. Binfer can send files of any size and quantity.

compare with cloud servicescompare with cloud services

Move Large Video Files Effortlessly

Binfer is perfectly suited to share your wedding videos, marketing videos, training videos, event videos, corporate videos, broadcast videos and real estate videos. It has everything you need from a file transfer solution.
This video is a quick intro to desktop transfers.

Click to play this video.

With Binfer you can:

  1. Send 10 GB or 100 GB videos with a simple drag and drop.
  2. Drag and drop entire folders. There is no need to compress or zip.
  3. Media assets will transfer at the maximum speed allowed by your Internet provider. There is not throttling or bandwidth sharing.
  4. Use existing computers. No specialized hardware or IT infrastructure. Install in less than 60 seconds and you are ready to rock and roll.
  5. Includes Chat and Email like messaging for an integrated experience.
  6. Other power features such as Web Dropbox, Web Pickup, Encrypted Transfers and Reports.
  7. Detailed Help Manual and Customer Support provided.

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