Web Drop allows anyone, anywhere, to send you files

Your personal Web Drop box

Professionals need an easy way to receive files from their partners and clients. Binfer’s Web Drop feature allows you to create the most secure way to receive files of any size from your clients. 

A client simply goes to a link on their browser, drags and drops a file, and it is immediately accessible on your desktop; never stored anywhere but the sender’s and receiver’s device. 

Receiving files to your desktop should be as easy as drag and drop. It is now. 

Receive files, directly

Whenever a file is dropped into a Web Drop, the file is automatically sent to your desktop. No third parties involved.

Binfer Web Drop File's Directly
Phone to Binfer

Mobile friendly

Web Drop’s can be easily opened on any mobile device via browser. 

Perfect for large files

Set your settings to allow any size file to be added to your Web Drop widget. 

Folder to Binfer

Product Features

Unlimited File Size

The Web Drop feature is perfect for large file transfers that are too large for other web drop boxes.

Encrypted at source

Your files are automatically encrypted for you. You can put your security on cruise control.


The sender does not need to create an account to send you files. They simply need to drag and drop files into the widget and they automatically appear on your desktop.

Fully customizable

Embed the widget into your website, email signature, or anywhere else you can imagine. Fully customized with your own logo and branding.

Changing the way data is received