Binfer Product Tour

Your can send and receive large files very easily with Binfer. Binfer is a small desktop application that runs on your device. It has capabilities of Email Server, Web Server, Instant Messenger and VPN combined into one small software. It allows you to communicate and share large files securely without storing anything on third party cloud servers. Your file system is not exposed. No user accounts to manage. Any size and quantity. Fast, secure, easy and reliable.

This video demo showcases how large files can be easily sent from your computer and received with browser. Please continue reading to get an overview of all the other wonderful things that Binfer can do to make you more productive and secure.

IN and OUT Bins

Received files show up in the IN Bin and shared files in the OUT Bin.

All main functions are easily available from the top toolbar.

The message toolbar is activated by moving the mouse over it.
Binfer main screen with inbin & outbin

Send Files

Create a New message, just like a regular email, add files that you wish to share.

You can drag and drop entire folders (with sub folders).

Relative folder paths are preserved and replicated on recipients device.

Since, Binfer does not upload your files anywhere, it must remain online until files are transferred.
Binfer new message To and Subject

Receive Files

If recipients do not have Binfer and are not connected with you then they will be notified by email.
Email notification sent to recipients
They can choose to receive using Web Pickup options(no installation or registration required). Web App option
Or they can choose to receive using the Desktop App.
Binfer Desktop App transfers Biner Desktop App received message

Create a Dropbox

You can convert your computer into a Dropbox!

People can send large files directly to your computer using a standard browser.
web drop settings

Send the link to your contacts or paste the embed code on any page of your website or blog.
web drop

Deliver digital products

Deliver digital products directly from your computer

If you sell digital products of any kind then you can deliver them from your website, via Binfer.
web delivery settings

Simply paste a small embed code on your website. When you deliver digital products via Binfer, customers can securely receive them from your own website.
deliver digital products from your computer

Chat Privately

Experience the world's most advanced secure chat software!
chat windows
Drag and drop large files directly into the chat window.
chat mac
Chat with multiple people easily.
chat android
Send photos, videos or emoticons directly from the chat window.
chat linux
Your chat messages are not stored on any external servers.

Track Activity

Track transfer activity of who transferred what, when and from where with Reports. Binfer Reports

Are you ready to send and receive large files without uploading them anywhere?

Binfer is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices.
cross-platform secure communication tool
Binfer will
  1. Save you time and money
  2. Improve efficiency and increase productivity
  3. Provide a pleasant and safe file sharing experience
Try for free
  1. Free trial(no credit card required)
  2. No malware, adware or spyware
  3. 100% free for recipients
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